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It doesn’t matter how you developed an addiction to opioids. But what does matter is how to reach out for help to heal. Addiction is a disease. Prolonged use and abuse of opioids changes your brain chemistry. It makes you dependent upon the drug to function in a normal manner. When your body doesn’t get enough, you experience painful withdrawal symptoms. Like any disease, to heal fully, you need professional help. Fortunately, TruHealing High Point’s High Point, NC outpatient opioid addiction treatment center understands where you or a loved one is coming from and can help. We give patients the tools to right the wrongs of the past and live in the present, so you can have the most promising future possible.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction needs to be understood before it can be put into the past. Our experienced and compassionate staff at TruHealing High Point help patients understand the underlying causes of substance abuse. By doing so, our outpatient opioid addiction treatment center provides the therapeutic services patients need. Our group and individual therapy address the people, places, and things that drove addiction. This gives patients the skills to identify triggers and cope with cravings as well as make better decisions in high-risk situations. We’ll treat your drug addiction in a safe, sound, and effective manner. At the same time, our medication-assisted treatment or MAT program deals with a patient’s physical symptoms stemming from opioid abuse.


At TruHealing High Point, you’ll not only be spared the extreme discomfort of opioid withdrawal, but you’ll also be placed on an easily manageable course of recovery.


Some common opioid addiction symptoms include:


  • craving
  • sweating
  • small pupils
  • nausea
  • reduced sex drive
  • sensitivity to pain
  • shallow breathing
  • slurred speech


We also help patients confront any possible mood disorders and find them the best treatment to deal with those issues. Our outpatient opioid addiction treatment center understands how drug addiction has led to or encouraged dangerous behaviors like lying, cheating, stealing, scamming, and other dishonest acts. We know our patients are ready to stop jeopardizing their job, endangering their home life, and end the deterioration of their relationships.

Opioid Addiction Treatment and Prevention

Opioid addiction requires comprehensive treatment and a relapse prevention plan. At TruHealing High Point’s outpatient opioid addiction treatment center, we provide all the necessary elements to first beat an opioid addiction, then to ensure it never, ever returns.


Every person’s struggle with addiction is different, and so must be their recovery. Thus, we design an individualized medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program that addresses co-occurring disorders. These are mood disorders like depression, anxiety, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), as well as other mental health issues. Often, these issues arise at the same time as addiction. So to successfully treat the physical condition, we make sure to treat the mental condition as well. Through close and constant monitoring of each client, until such monitoring no longer becomes necessary, we build stability and the strength to overcome addiction.

TruHealing High Point’s Outpatient Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Through our outpatient opioid addiction treatment program, you or a loved one can not only return to full health but also reclaim the life addiction stole. TruHealing High Point’s focus is on providing patients with the tools, resources, and skills to not just maintain their life but realize their dreams.


Our substance abuse treatment center offers an outpatient program where the following medication-assisted treatments are used:



We take a holistic approach to addiction treatment to effectively address the well-being of our patients. So reach out to us today at 833.455.2570. Explore what we have to offer and find out how we can get you on the right path to a lasting recovery.