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Addiction can strike anyone at any time. As a chronic disease, it requires professional help to heal from properly. Thus, finding the right outpatient substance abuse treatment center is the first step in getting back to living a healthy life. At TruHealing High Point,  it doesn’t matter how addiction found you; we want to get you well again. If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, whether it’s heroin, fentanyl, or prescription painkillers, we offer comprehensive and advanced treatment.

Finding Help At Our Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Center

There are several ways individuals struggling with substance abuse can find the help they need at TruHealing High Point. In combination with our medication-assisted treatment programs, we provide comprehensive evidence-based, holistic treatment. Patients can find one-on-one individual therapy as well as group therapy in our outpatient substance abuse treatment center. Our counselors and therapists work with patients to identify their underlying issues that arose or contributed to addiction. Together, we then design a plan of action.


Often, this involves a dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders. It’s not uncommon for individuals struggling with addiction to also have an underlying mental health issue like depression, anxiety, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). While it may not be something they are aware of, individuals abuse drugs to alleviate the discomfort, stress, or pain they are experiencing due to this underlying condition. By self-medicating in this way, individuals are at great risk of developing a dependency. Unfortunately, if the underlying mental health condition isn’t treated at the same time as their addiction, individuals will most likely relapse. Our outpatient substance abuse treatment center is aware of this and, through dual diagnosis, addresses the issues.


Through individual and group therapy, patients can build the support community they need. As medication-assisted treatment addresses the physical aspects of beating addiction, our therapeutic services focus on healing the mental side.

How Medication-Assisted Treatment Can Help

While TruHealing High Point offers individual and group therapy, another focus of our outpatient substance abuse treatment center is medication-assisted treatment or MAT. For many individuals, committing to a residential treatment program isn’t feasible. Standard inpatient rehab takes 30 days and in some cased 60 or 90 days. However, for most people, being absent from work, school, or family for such a duration is impractical. This is where outpatient treatment can help. Patients get the same quality of care as with residential, inpatient treatment but at a lower cost and in a format more suitable to their scheduling needs. We gear our medication-assisted treatment to our patients’ needs.


TruHealing High Point’s MAT programs help individuals deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. By using FDA-approved medications that are strictly administered to not only prevent abuse but give patients optimal results, we provide an effective way to beat addiction. Our outpatient substance abuse treatment center offers:


  • Methadone treatment
  • Suboxone treatment
  • Buprenorphine treatment


Each of these prescribed medications addresses a unique challenge in recovering from opioid addiction. When a patient enters our heroin or fentanyl rehab program, they can turn to these MAT options to aid them in overcoming and managing their addiction as they get the therapeutic help they also need. At TruHealing High Point, we strive to provide the best, most effective, and up to date treatments for our patients.

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TruHealing High Point is redefining opioid use disorder treatment. Our facilities employ the most advanced techniques for treatment from the most qualified and compassionate staff. We’ve made the environment of care superior to what you’ll usually encounter. When you come to TruHealing High Point, you’ll find yourself in a comfortable, professional setting where our staff of counselors, therapists, and medical professionals are open and supportive of your needs.


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