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For individuals struggling with opioid addiction, medication-assisted treatment is one of the most effective treatments available. Far better than traditional abstinence-based recovery programs, medication-assisted treatment or MAT helps patients manage cravings and minimize withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps one of the most successful and effective medications can be found in our suboxone treatment program. Suboxone allows patients to taper off the opioid they are addicted to. By weaning off their addiction, the treatment minimizes the opioid withdrawal symptoms that usually accompany ceasing opioid use. The British Medical Journal cites research that says Suboxone and other MAT medicines reduce one’s risk of fatal opioid overdose by an astonishing 50%. Thus, it’s clear a suboxone treatment program like that offered by TruHealing High Point, a Clean Start company, can not only save lives but allow patients to recover from addiction.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is the combination of two drugs–buprenorphine and naloxone. The FDA-approved medication is tightly-regulated, designed and developed to treat opioid use disorder. Buprenorphine is extensively used in MAT programs to help people quit heroin and other opiates. Naloxone is an opioid agonist, a chemical that activates the receptors in the brain opioids target. It both competes with and blocks the effects of other opioids, including buprenorphine. Also, it acts as an opioid deterrent. Combining buprenorphine and naloxone therefore significantly negates any opioid-related effects of the former, as well as any outside opiates.

In TruHealing High Point’s suboxone treatment program, this medication’s combination significantly decreases the chances of opioid relapse as well as overdose. This is what makes suboxone unique in medication-assisted treatment.

Myths About Suboxone

There are a couple of persistent myths about suboxone and medication-assisted treatment. First, a common myth about suboxone is that it simply replaces one drug addiction with another. However, it’s important to understand that Suboxone isn’t a replacement drug. Instead, it’s a treatment drug. In fact, Suboxone is one of the most advanced of these medications. But at our suboxone treatment center, we combine MAT with behavioral therapy and comprehensive counseling. We do so as part of our holistic approach to healing and recovery. In this way, suboxone and therapy give individuals struggling with opioid addiction the resources and develop the skills needed to overcome addiction and heal.

Another myth of suboxone is that it’s just as addictive or dangerous as other opioids. But this is clearly a misguided belief. When taken as prescribed, Suboxone is not only safe, but it’s also effective in treating opioid dependency. In fact, scientists have found Suboxone to be significantly more effective than abstinence-based addiction treatment programs. That’s why it’s considered the gold standard in care, as well as an essential medicine. More and more physicians are joining addiction treatment professionals in helping to dispel any stigma associated with Suboxone and other MAT options. The New England Journal of Medicine calls these “well- established methods.” Thus, it’s imperative that they be implemented.

TruHealing High Point’s Suboxone Treatment Program

At the forefront of medication-assisted treatment is TruHealing High Point’s suboxone treatment program. We’re excited to be a licensed prescriber of Suboxone. As a certified opioid treatment provider, we believe it’s essential to provide the most advanced medicines available. Thus, each and every one of the medications we use are evidence-backed. Aside from Suboxone, our MAT program offers methadone as well as buprenorphine.

Here at TruHealing High Point, we’ve done the research. We’ve seen the extensive and rigorous testing Suboxone had to go through before approval. We’ve also seen the results of those extensive and rigorous tests. That’s why we offer a Suboxone treatment program as an addiction treatment option. It’s also why we know Suboxone can be effective. So reach out to us today at 833.455.2570 and explore how we can help you or your loved one.

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