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Methadone is the most commonly prescribed medication used to fight heroin addiction. More recently, buprenorphine and suboxone have been added to the heroin addiction treatment equation. They are all part of an effective, evidence-based medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program offered by TruHealing High Point. Each prescribed and supervised medication works in different ways addressing different concerns regarding heroin addiction. Our methadone treatment program treats the abuse of both synthetic and naturally-derived opioids. However, it’s primarily used in the treatment of heroin addiction. What makes TruHealing High Point such a valuable resource for those looking to overcome addiction is our expertise across all kinds of treatment.

Benefits Of A Methadone Treatment Program

Methadone benefits society in a variety of ways. Primarily, it permits patients the opportunity to return to a structured and orderly life. Many recovery professionals consider methadone maintenance treatment as the standard for treating opioid addiction. Coming in a pill, liquid, or wafer form, methadone is administered once a day by a licensed medical practitioner in an office-based or clinical setting.


As with all MAT medicines, methadone can only be dispensed by a SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment provider. However, as patients stabilize through the methadone treatment program and other therapeutic services provided, they may be issued take-home doses for use between clinic visits. Using methadone significantly reduces drug injecting and, consequently, the transmission of HIV and hepatitis. Also, it lowers the risk of opioid overdose as well as the death rate associated with opioid dependence. As with any addiction treatment, individuals who enter our methadone treatment program re-build their ability to pursue and undertake valuable work. They stabilize their lives, healing not just their bodies but their relationships.

Medication-Assisted Treatment For Addiction

Individuals who have been struggling with heroin or opioid addiction for some time and have found little to no success in abstinence-based treatment programs routinely find success in MAT programs like ours at TruHealing High Point. Methadone counteracts the adverse effects of opiate withdrawal. Also, it curbs the cravings individuals struggle with addiction experience. Doing so allows patients to refocus their attention on their own lives rather than their next fix. Further, it gives them the concrete results they need to enter into therapy and see results.


Our methadone treatment program involves comprehensive education, counseling, and therapy. This occurs both one-on-one as individual therapy and in a supportive group therapy environment. Our counselors and therapists provide options to patients, so they receive the utmost care necessary. This is a standard practice in TruHealing High Point’s full-service medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program.

Healing with TruHealing High Point

TruHealing High Point is proud to be a fully licensed and certified opioid treatment provider. Our medication-assisted treatment programs include not just our methadone treatment program but suboxone and buprenorphine as well. When patients enter the comfortable and professional TruHealing High Point facility, they will be assessed to see what programs and treatments can best serve them. Our outpatient treatment allows individuals to come to our facility at ease with themselves and their surroundings. Unlike other facilities, where there are long wait times and substandard conditions, our locations are pristine and provide amenities often lacking at other centers.


We believe providing methadone treatment is a privilege, and with that privilege comes tremendous responsibility. At TruHealing High Point, we’re grateful to the local, state, and federal stakeholders who’ve entrusted us with that responsibility. It’s one where we strive to reach out to individuals struggling with addiction, so they get the help they need to heal.


If you or a loved one is confronting heroin or some other opioid addiction, whether it’s fentanyl or prescription opioid addition, then reach out to us at 833.455.2570. Explore what we have to offer, and you’ll see we have the unique facilities to address your unique needs.