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TruHealing High Point provides the most comprehensive opioid addiction treatment available through our High Point, NC outpatient opioid rehab programs. We build our programs on the foundation of medication-assisted treatment or MAT. No matter the opioid you or a loved one is struggling to overcome, we can help. With several MAT programs as well as outpatient opioid rehab centers dedicated to addressing heroin and fentanyl addiction, we have the expertise and experience necessary. At TruHealing High Point, we understand addiction is a disease. Like any disease, for individuals to heal properly they need professional help and quality care. Our facilities make it a point to deliver the highest quality care.

What Is TruHealing High Point?

Any recovery from drug or alcohol abuse is a lifelong process. It requires a comprehensive plan in order to be to be effective. We understand that many who are ready to help themselves can’t access effective treatment. We provide advanced treatment and individualized care. What clients know about TruHealing High Point is our commitment to them and their family. We want to help sons and daughters become sons and daughters again; we want to help moms and dads become dutiful moms and dads again. That is, we want to help families become families again, experiencing ever closer and more meaningful lives together. And we believe geography should never be a barrier to receiving that help and living those lives.


We’re here to help. TruHealing High Point is the first choice for those seeking a safe and comfortable way to recover from addiction. We offer an easy and pain-free approach to opioid abuse recovery. And we provide solutions that lead to long-term sobriety.

About TruHealing High Point’s Approach

TruHealing High Point is the recovery gold standard. Fully-accredited, evidence-based opioid addiction treatment in High Point and Reidsville provides the means for individuals who want to be free from heroin, prescription pain pills, and/or other addictive opioids to do so. We treat the totality of addiction so that our clients can lead a full and fulfilling life.


TruHealing High Point provides an easy and pain-free way to treat opioid addiction. We’re safe. We’re sound. And we’re effective. Our substance abuse treatment center offers an outpatient program where the following MAT is used:



We take a holistic approach to addiction treatment to effectively address the well-being of our patients. Our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program eases the symptoms of opioid withdrawal and reduces the cravings caused by heroin, prescription pain pills, and other opiates.


At TruHealing High Point, you’ll know you’re in safe and caring hands, hands that will help you heal, as well as succeed. Reach out to us today at 833.455.2570 to find out more about how we can help you.