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Buprenorphine is an FDA-approved and tightly-regulated drug used in the treatment of opioid use disorder. Because we believe only qualified stakeholders must prescribe and administer buprenorphine, TruHealing High Point, a Clean Start company, has received all the essential certification and accreditations concerning opioid use disorder treatment. We’ve made it a point to meet every local, state, and federal regulation. Thus, our buprenorphine treatment program as part of our medication-assisted treatment is safe, thorough, and trustworthy.

Myths And Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about buprenorphine. Most of the misconceptions spring from rumor and simple misinformation. Fortunately, as addiction care professionals, we can dispel these misconceptions with ease.

One of the most prevalent misconceptions is that buprenorphine simply replaces one addiction with another. But, as the New England Journal of Medicine itself makes clear, addiction isn’t defined by physiological dependence. Addiction is defined by compulsive use of a drug despite its inherent harm. Thus, “If relying on a daily medication were addiction,” says the NEJM, “then most patients with chronic health conditions such as diabetes or asthma would be considered addicts.” Buprenorphine isn’t a replacement drug; it’s a treatment drug.

Another myth is that abstinence is always the best. Yes, abstinence-based treatment models have provided some successes for some individuals. But those successes are impossible to quantify, let alone prove. Because each person experiences addiction differently, treatment and recovery will be unique as well. Thus, it’s necessary to provide a variety of treatment options. While abstinence-based treatment may work for some, it may not work for others.

Making a Difference

Another barrier to successful opioid use disorder treatment is poor access to medication-assisted treatment, also called MAT. TruHealing High Point, a Clean Start company, believes anyone who needs treatment deserves access. This is why we designed our facilities to provide premium care in a comfortable yet clinical environment. We’ve reduced wait times and made outpatient treatment for substance use disorder convenient and easy. Thus, our buprenorphine treatment program provides the best form of care possible, providing you or your loved one with the best means to heal from the disease of addiction.

Nearly 80% of Americans with opioid use disorder don’t receive treatment. Thus, TruHealing High Point, a Clean Start company, is pushing to open up more options for people struggling with opioid addiction. Together, we can reduce opioid addiction rates as well as opioid overdoses.

TruHealing High Point’s Buprenorphine Treatment Program

TruHealing High Point, a Clean Start company, designed our medication-assisted treatment after weighing all the facts. Thus, our buprenorphine treatment program uses the most advanced and current evidence and methods. We’ve reached out to every local, state, and federal agency to collect all the essential certifications and accreditations needed for opioid use disorder treatment. Thus, you and your loved ones can rest assured TruHealing High Point is thorough, safe, and trustworthy. We believe only qualified stakeholders must prescribe and administer buprenorphine and other medications like suboxone and methadone, which are both options in our medication-assisted treatment program.

TruHealing High Point, NC location provides top-notch treatment for a variety of addictions. We use the most advanced, evidence-based methods available. We further believe our buprenorphine treatment program or our other MAT options provide the very best chance at beating opioid addiction, as well as in ending America’s opioid epidemic. Our sophisticated yet comfortable facilities are setting a new standard in the treatment of opioid addiction. Through our advanced treatment, the more Americans will be able to get off the addiction merry-go-round and go on to lead fulfilling lives.

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